IMD industry

Plastic Injection Parts are widely use in electronic devices and other consumer products. IMD is a new moulding technology that improves the performance, quality and enhances the design versatility of the product as the hard scratch and solvent resistant surfaces allows novel decorative options, including attractive back-lighting and selective texturing.

Previously, Plastic Injection Parts need to be moulded first and other design patterns (logo, different colours, glossy features) are subsequently painted or glued onto the moulded plastic products.

IMD allows these design features to be printed directly on the plastic film. This has the advantage of better durability and finishing, environmental friendliness, incorporation of complex design features and graphics, shorter production lead time and better inventory management.

However, IMD is a technologically advanced process requiring specialised knowledge in a number of fields including silk screen printing, Moulds manufacturing and Plastic Injection. IMD production requires three different kinds of Moulds to perform cutting, forming and Plastic Injection moulding functions.

During IMD production, printed designs can easily get smudged or the plastic film wrinkled during the plastic moulding stage. It is also technically difficult to make the plastic film stick to the moulded Plastic Injection Parts during injection moulding. As it is a technically challenging product to manufacture requiring expertise from several fields and stringent production and quality control, we believe that there is a shortage of reliable and quality supply in the market.

IMD Manufacturing Process