Moulds are one of the most important tools for industrial production. Generally, Plastic Injection Moulds account for 40.0% of all Moulds. In 9M2008, automobile Moulds accounted for 46.1% of our total Moulds revenue. Our Executive Directors estimate that approximately 60.0% of parts used in consumer goods like electrical appliances, electronic devices and automobiles are manufactured from Moulds.

Our automobile Moulds customers include Magna International Group and Venture Group.


Plastic air intake manifold Moulds

Superior in performance and estimated to improve fuel efficiency by 8% compared to traditional steel parts.

Automotive Low pressure Moulds

Used mainly in the production of automobile interior parts in low pressure moulding, the upholstery materials are directly moulded onto the plastic interior trim. It eliminates the use of toxic adhesives to glue the upholstery to the Plastic Injection Parts.