We work closely with Shenzhen Precision and the Processing Enterprise at the earliest possible stage to ensure procedures for quality assurance are in place so as to meet our customers’ specifications.

Control checks are performed at each critical stage of the manufacturing process.

Incoming Quality Control

We purchase raw materials and components only from approved suppliers, and we regularly monitor them based on the quality of products supplied, the reliability and timeliness of supply delivery, as well as pricing and credit terms so as to ensure that our stringent specifications and standards are met.

Moulds Quality Control System

We have developed an in-house quality control system for Moulds production which has been implemented in the production process of Shenzhen Precision.

Each Mould order received is treated as an individual project and a team of engineers or an engineer would be assigned to each project. This team or individual would be fully responsible for this project from the initial submission of quotation to the customer to final delivery of the Moulds. They/he would be responsible for understanding the requirements of the customer, design of the Moulds, ordering of materials used in production, production process, trial production to final delivery and enforcing quality control procedures at each stage.

During the design stage, the exact specifications of each component of the Moulds would be captured in the electronic CAD blueprint. The exact specification for each component during each stage of production and the necessary quality control procedures required to achieve these specifications would also be identified during the design stage. This electronic blueprint would allow our production department to exercise strict quality control over each stage of production for each component of the Moulds.

A forecast of the man hours and materials to be used for each stage of production would
also be set at the design stage. After completion of production, an analysis of the actual production cost incurred will be made against this forecast.

Quality Control Mechanism and Systems

During the manufacturing process, we ensure that the products meet the stringent standards set by our customers via a host of quality assurance mechanisms and systems.

Outgoing Quality Control

Our sales and management staff, together with the quality control department of the production agent, monitor and check that our products are properly handled and stored.

Packaged products are randomly tested to ensure that there is no physical damage to the products while being held under storage.