Our Scope of Business


The Group is principally engaged

in the manufacture of precision moulds, plastic injection parts and in-mould decoration (“IMD”) products to the electrical, automobile and specialised devices industries (the “IMD and Plastic Injection Business”), and other related activities in the PRC.

IMD and Plastic Injection Business

Our IMD and Plastic Injection Parts segment provides specialised plastic injection parts and technical services used mainly in the production of electrical appliances, electronic devices and medical devices.

In-Mould Decoration is the simultaneous injection moulding of a product with a formable plastic firm. The formed film is inserted into the mould and then injected with the molten plastic resin to surround it, forming a finished integral part.

The key advantages of In-Mould Decoration are better durability, environmental-friendliness, better appearance and unique design features.


In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

IMD is a new moulding technology that improves the performance, quality and enhances the design versatility of the product as the hard scratch and solvent resistant surfaces allows novel decorative options, including attractive back-lighting and selective texturing.

Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection Parts are widely use in electronic devices and other consumer products. We provide an integrated manufacturing services. 


IML Technology

We have the large production capacity and flexibility to meet the customers’ specific needs.